Protect your car from floods

10 tips to protect your car from floods


Every time it rains heavily in Malta, few places get flooded, cars get destroyed and people get angry. The water from the flood can damage your car’s electronic and mechanical parts, upholstery, lead to rust, moulds and bad smell for months, if not forever. Here are 10 tips that will help protect your vehicle or at least prevent critical damage.


i.  If you know heavy rain is coming:


1.)   Park away from valleys and other low-lying places

     If you have an underground garage and you know that heavy rain is coming, you’d better parking your car outside, preferably on a hill-top and away from puddles.

2.)   Seal your car properly

Make sure you close all doors, windows and sunroof tight. Check all rubber seals between them as well as the plastics under the car. This will save you a lot of trouble, trying to clean and dry your seats and other parts of your car.

3.)   Choose an Insurance plan that will cover your car if it gets flooded

Talk to your insurance agent and confirm if your insurance plan covers your car against a flood. It’s much better to pay a few pennies now than spending thousands on repairs later.

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ii. If you’re already driving while it is raining heavily

4.)  Choose your route carefully

You know which areas usually get flooded in Malta, so you’d better stay away from them even if it is the fastest route to your destination. You know what they say… Better late, than never!


5.)   Avoid big puddles

Although, not so dangerous as a real flood, puddles can also harm your car. If you cannot drive around them, just go through them, but slow and steady. It will be better for the pedestrians too if there are any of course.

6.)   Aim for the highest part of the road

Always look for a part of the road, which is not covered completely by water. This will ensure the least depth of water and less on your car.


7.)   Low gears and constant revving

The exhaust of your car can suck water. Keeping your clutch (if you have one) half-pressed and revs up, should push that water away instead of taking it to the engine. In case you stall, do not waste a second! Try and start your car immediately!


iii. If your car stops in the flood

8.)   Stay Calm

Check all doors and windows. Turn on the hazard lights and signal other drivers that you have an issue with your car. No one should blame you for stopping in the middle in the street if it was not on purpose!


9.)   Shout for help

Call your insurance. Nowadays, most of them offer breakdown/towing services even if you haven’t prepaid for that. The sooner they lift your car away from the flood, the lesser damages.


10.)   Take care of others on the road

Last but not least, respect the others on the road! No one likes being wet and dirty, neither being late. Driving fast through water isn’t just going to damage your car, but could also ruin pedestrians' day or even cause an accident.

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Posted by Stoyan Stoyanov

21 Nov 2019